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No Poop???

Hi my Name is Paula and I have a 1 year old Min Pin Named Max. Here is my situation on Sunday Morning when we got up Max had gone inside the house which he hasn't done in a while he also vomited on our bed that same morning. After the poop in here he didn't go the rest of the day. He ate normally, he acted normally. on monday still no poop in more than 24 hours. So I call the Vet he told me to give him laxitone and add prune juice to his food. So I did that and on Tuesday he went at about 3pm a good amount of poopy. Now today NOTHING just urine he goes pee everytime we take him out. He is still acting like the happy dog we have always had still begging to play still eating. What are symptoms of an intestinal blockage? Would he go at all if he had an intestinal blockage? What does everyone think??

Thanks in Advance,
Paula & Max

PS the only day he vomited was sunday and we think it is because he got into the cat food.
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