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Lionking, I know you said you don't want to hear anyone's opinions on this rather hot-button topic, but I really think you would benefit from some gentle education if you're willing to listen. And providing you aren't a troll, which is always possible.

For starters, breeders of big cats are a sleazy bunch and do not have the best interests of the cats in mind. Doesn't matter if they have a USDA license. So do puppy millers, and we all know what a wonderful industry that is. There is no such thing as responsible breeding of big cats unless done by an accredited zoo using thorough genetic profiling (and some would argue even that has questionable merrit). A backyard lion breeder in Ohio is only concerned about making money, not about the health and welfare of the cats. Do you really want to support this dubious industry, perpetuating inferior breeding and the overpopulation of captive exotic animals?

Obviously I have no idea what your motivation is for wanting to keep a lion in the first place. If it's because you love them so much, perhaps a better avenue for your passion would be to help out in the rapidly growing field of big cat rescue (largely populated by animals surrendered or confisicated from owners who got in way over their head). As for your own knowledge of lions in captivity, if you truly are as experienced as you imply, all the more reason to channel your skills into helping lions, not hurting them.
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