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I had a dog, my girl Nyx that was a mess when I got her. Looooong story, but basically, they took a very shy, high drive dog, gave it no socializing and training besides to "protect". Anyway... she started displaying similar behaviour. I had gotten her retrained to the point that she would accept people coming in, behave, when they were there, but when people would go to leave, she'd get weird with them and either lunge at them or even push them out the door on their way out! She eventually did get over it, pretty quickly with a few stern corrections but I think what really got rid of it in general was just her over all handling. I never completely understood the behaviour myself except for the fact that it was based on her many insecurities when it came to people. It was like she just couldn't handle them there anymore and wanted to help them rush their exit a little. lol She was VERY insecure and I think over time as she became more settled in, she left these behaviours behind.When people came over, I'd generally kept her leashed to me so I could appropriately praise or correct her. Do you practice NILIF with your dog? Oh ya... I also muzzled her in those instances just to be safe, as well, so I was exuding confidence and not my own insecurities worrying about her maybe biting someone.

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