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We really noticed her doing it last night, the builder of our house stopped by and Carly was so excited to see him, she doesn't know him but the tail was wagging and she was lying down to get her belly rubbed, she was great. Then when it came time for him to leave, she started snarling and showing her teeth, barking in not a nice way. We just took her by the collar and pulled her away, just in case. The same thing happened this morning, the cable guy came in, again she was nice, wagging tail, peeing(because she does that when she is excited) then when he went to go to his truck she started with the snarling, baring her teeth etc. I don't know what to do with her so I just pull her back so she can't do any damage. I know labs are known for their friendliness but I am afraid of her getting close to anyone, especially kids, just in case. Does this help?
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