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I've noticed that sometimes there is a little variation between batches of Wellness, usually depending on where it was produced (Canada or the US). What probably happened in your case, chico2, is that the first time you tried it with your cats, they were like "New food alert! Don't eat the suspicious new food!". But then this time, since they'd smelled it before (cat's appetites are mostly based on smell), they were more accepting of giving it a try.

As for getting picky again, my suggestion is to rotate brands and flavours as much as they'll allow. I can't give my cat the same food 2 meals in a row or he gives me guff. Some people alternate every other day, or a couple times a week. Try feeding the Wellness for a bit, then maybe give the Eagle Pack another go, then back to Wellness, see if that prevents the "picky-factor". Good luck!
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