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Hello everyone

Well I am new here, and I thought I would say hi. Also tell you a little about me and my zoo I own.
First i have 1 dog 3 cats, 3 pet mice, 2 hamsters and of course 2 turtles
now for their names and the reasons also ages if i can remember them and how i got them. and breeds if i know them

Princess- didnt name her my brother just kind of asked to watch her n left her with us, in the spring, she 7years old and a huge temper at times(calico)
Psycho kit kat( known mostly at psycho)- she is 5 years old got her from a friend. Named her do to her hissing as at my old dog china when she looked at psycho, dog could sleep eat n walk past fine just not look at her for 2 weeks. (siamese mix)
Lady- well she came as a stray as the people behind us didn't want her anymore as their friend who owned her moved out so they threw her out about 2 months after i got Psycho. Got her name as she is pretty and very lady like. figure she about 7years old( tortie shell colouring not sure breed)

(note: Psycho and lady love each other, but both hate Princess and she don't like them, they all put up with each other)

Nyx is a year and a half. she was born feb 12/12. I wanted to go with a greek goddess. Had a few other names i liked but my mom liked this one better and so did my nieces. she a rotty mix

Crusier- was named a greek goddess but changed as she kept getting out of her cage. got her in the fall
River styx- got her with Crusier. both short haired. got them for my niece but ended up keeping them as they loved being together and they were meant to replace one she lost.

Phoenix- we got her do to lady bring her home. so her name had to fit. not sure about age. she a pure white. got during the summer
Athena- got her as phoenix wasn't doing so good by herself, white n black and the smallest out of the 3
aphrodite-got her with athena, my mom picked her out. she larger of the 3 and totally brown. got from a pet store

my mom picked both of them up at the same time, they are red ear sliders
Rapheal- is the male. more known as raph.
Donatello- is the female, but more known as don.
yes they are named for the ninja turtles, my nieces favorite of the four.

I do want to add another dog into the mix later on
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