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Unilateral nasal discharge, on the right path?

It's been a real long time since I've had to post a health issue on either of my dogs, but this one's a bit of a mess. Peaches (my Shepherd X) has had unilateral nasal discharge for a little over 2 weeks. Of course, by day 3 I had her off to the vet's, and we were given a 10 day run of Baytril. She was no better, so we went back. This morning she was sedated, scoped and had her nasal cavity flushed. There were no bony masses on her head x-rays, but there's "something" back there. We're being sent to an internist on Thursday, and my vet has performed all of the tasks the internist asked for (3rd blood panel, chest x-rays, biopsy). While my vet is attempting to remain upbeat, he's also prepped me for the results to show cancer.

I'm trying to get the best grasp on things as I can, I went in this morning thinking she simply snarfed up a bug, but now, I'm wondering what course this can take and if anyone else has had a dog that wound up with benign sinus masses (and what was done).
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