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So sorry for your loss

Barbara, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I have a standard poodle -- a big guy -- 65 pounds (until he recently began suffering symptoms from cancer and lost 15 pounds).

I wanted to tell you that Rex has eaten dry dog food for almost 13 years and has not suffered from bloat. I'm quite sure you did everything right and that bloat is just a terrible thing that can happen with standard poodles. I have been concerned about it, but of all the precautions I've heard of, I've never heard anything about wetting the dry food.

I hope you will adopt another dog soon. When my little cairn terrier died many years ago, I waited far too long to adopt Rex and really missed having a dog. You are obviously a caring wonderful pet owner and any dog will be blessed to have you for an owner.

All the best,

G Thomas
G Thomas