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Update on Binky

Hi everyone,

Just thought I would update Binky's progress. So it's been day 22 on Prozac and day 12 on Prednisone and she is still having constant muscle twitching and excessive licking symptoms. It appreared to decrease slightly after the first week and a half on the Prozac but it was short lived. The last five days have been really tough as her symptoms are pretty much non stop. The only relief she gets is when she lays down stretched out and does not move. This is a living nightmare. I am now going to try a different prescription called Gabapentin which is a drug for both analgesic and anti-seizure properties. It's most used for Epilepsy. If this and the Prozac does not work then I don't know what I'll do. Will this ever get better or better yet, will Binky's FHS ever go away? Or will I be dealing with this for years to come? I don't know how I can possibly handle this for that long. It breaks my heart every day I see her like this. All I look forward to doing is going to sleep at night so I don't have to think about it anymore. Gawd knows how much I love my girl but mommy is so very very tired
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