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Thank you all for the wonderful advice, it's much appreciated.

Binky is now on day 4 of the Prozac and she is doing extremely well. She has not had any symptoms that I'm aware of. I am going to change her medication from the liquid to a transdermal medication that comes in a gel that I rub on the inside (not canal) of Binky's ear. I have tried all kind of food and she will just leave it in the dish and eat her dry food instead. I even bought a hypoallergetic type but she won't eat it. I know Tuna is not good and I should never have gotten her used to it. I'm trying to incorporate other kinds of food but she will not budge. The dried up food just sits in her dish. I am going to really try to do the "tough love" but it's hard when I'm putting her through so much with the Prozac. She needs to eat but I will try mixing some Nature's Variety into her regular food to start with. Believe me I have bought almost every single type of food out there and she still only likes Almo Tuna, Chicken Thigh, Tuna & Chicken or Tuna & Shrimp. I do give her the freeze dried Chick & Lamb as well but she will only eat it twice a week. She is a very fussy girl but it's my fault. I should have only given her Tuna as more of a treat food. The raw food diet is not an option at this point and I have tried giving her raw beef and chicken patties from the Global Pet Foods and even other raw foods but she will not even try them. One sniff and she keeps walking
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