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Just thought I would give everyone an update in case anyone else has an animal that is suffering from a similar condition.

I started Binky on Prozac three days ago as her symptoms were non-stop all day and evening. She would hide in the linen closet and only come down to eat and go to the bathroom then the twitching would start and she would make a bee-line for the linen closet. This has been so heart-breaking and it's taken such a toll on myself as well. Binky no longer sleeps with me on my bed and when she even attempt to come out to try and play, her symptoms just start up and she hides

The Prozac is another issue as it's so hard to give her the dose every day as it's a liquid that I put into a syringe, pry her mouth open and try really fast to shoot it in but a few seconds later she is foaming and it's hanging off her mouth and all I can do is cry and tell her how much I love her and how mommie is so sorry. Wish I knew what else to do. I am having the owner of the vet clinic call me tomorrow to talk about what other steps I can take in finding out why she is having so much twitching as it's gotten worse and if maybe this is some skin condition/allergy from chemicals that got into her system through her skin membrane and causing some kind of nerve damage. Maybe this is some kind of allergy who knows. All I know is that this is absolutely not a behavioural condition. I just don't believe that at all. How frustrating the last few weeks have been. I'm going out of my mind and it's consuming my life right now it's all I think about. Hopefully I will get some more clarity tomorrow. I shall keep updating in hopes this helps someone else out here. Take care everyone.
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