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Food for Binky


Binky has been irritated all night and I'm so sad: (I know that the grooming product used before to relieve the symptoms is no longer working.
So I decided to give Binky the flea medication called Advantage that I bought from the vet. I only applied it an hour ago so I will wait and see if there is any improvement. I had a friend in my building come over to see how she is behaving and in order to have her distracted when giving her the flea treatment and for the first time, Binky was really good she did not seem to care someone was over which is very odd.
As far as what I'm feeding her....I have tried every brand of good quality food for her such as Halo, Wellness, Blue Buffalo and even holistic types of food and the only brand she will eat is Almo the Atlantic tuna, tuna & shrimp, chicken thigh, chicken & tuna, chicken & shrimp and salmon. I also feed her a freeze dried raw chicken and lamb from New Zealand that you add a bit of warm water to but she will only eat this once in awhile. She is very very very picky. I have tried "tough love" with her when trying to feed her grain free food but she will leave it in the bowl. Her dry food is called Now and I also have Wellness Core which is grain free but she doesn't like it. She will only eat Now which I hear is good quality dry food which is made in Canada. I also have started giving her Greenies as treats because I fell so terrible at all the stress I've put upon her. My heart aches every time I see her go through her attacks. I have been drinking lots of wine LOL.

I wonder if I should just put her on Prozac once and for all. I don't want to but I can't stand to see her suffer with this any longer. I will wait and see if the flea medication does anything for her I only applied it an hour ago.

Tonight, before giving her the flea medication, she has been once again twitching and running around licking herself all over but not quite as bad as before but still something is bothering her. I will do whatever it takes to make my sweet girl feel better - she means everything to me and I love her so much.

Reg and barking dog - thank you so much for caring, it really means a lot to me. I wish I can give you both a big hug.

I'll keep you updated after I hear what the vet suggests tomorrow.

P.S Oh my gawd, Binky finally jumped up on her scratching post tonight for the first time since this has been going on YIPPPPPPIEEEEEEEEEEEE!!
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