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8 month kitty with anemic history having problems in the litterbox

Hey everyone, I'm new in this forum, I'm not from Canada but this seems to be one of the best options around to ask about what is happening to my kitty.
I want to be pretty accurate with everything that has happened so it is a bit long, but bear with me please, thank you

So, Boo is an eight - nine months old female cat, she is not exactly mine, she has lived with my girlfriend since we rescued her but I have been there all the time since the beginning, she knows me pretty well and likes to spend time with me. Anyways, my girlfriend had to travel a long way to visit her family, to the other way of the country (Colombia, by the way), but since Boo had a pretty bad case of Anemia two months ago (we even though we had to say goodbye to her, but she made a miraculous recovery), the vet told us that it was better if she didn't make the 12 hour travel by bus and change from a cold climate here to a really hot climate where my girlfriend is right now. So she is staying with me for a week.

Now, the first day she was here we saw that she had problems while using the litter box, she urinated a couple of times, but she didn't defecate until the next day, which had us pretty concerned. What we detected the second day (while my gf was still here with us) was that she seemed to try a lot to use the litter box but she couldn't do anything, so she got pretty worked up and desperately started to move the litter around until after 5 or 6 tries, she did poop. This happened the third day, too, and that same day she wasn't eating too well. We serve her 3 foods, she usually eats a little bit and then goes off to play and then comes back and eat and so on, however, by the time we serve the second meal of the day (every 6 hours) she has finished her food. This didn't happened yesterday (3rd day). I assumed it was because she was feeling down because my girlfriend had already left at that point, but I was worried that the combination of symptons could mean something worse, so I went to the same vet that treated her when she was anemic and asked him what it could be. He didn't seem worried and said that he didn't find a correlation in the symptons to have a clear verdict, he gave me a can of special food to help with the digestive process and that was it, he also agreed that she was probably feeling a little bit sad. She didn't defecate in the whole day.

This morning, when I woke up, she was desperately moving the litter around trying to do something without success, after that she just went back to sleep. A few hours later I saw some sort of thin white thingie coming out of her anus, looked like puss, immediately after that she actually defecated without the problems she had the past three days. I researched a little and found that it could be tapeworms, however I also found that it could be some sort of secretion that, apparentely, is quite normal in cats.

I don't want to take her to the vet if it is not really necessary because she has some pretty bad memories of it after the treatment for the anemia, she really hates going there and since my gf isn't here, I don't want to give her more reasons to stress. I'll go and talk to the vet later, of course, but I have to work and that will happen a lot later in the day, so I want to hear some opinions here to maybe know what is happening to her or even look for other signs that might clear things out a little bit more. Maybe even do something to make her feel better.

As additional info, she seems to be urinating twice a day, which seems pretty normal because in her house she did it three times but since she lives with my gf dog she is running around a lot more and thus drinking a lot more water. She has not urinated since yesterday, though, about 16 hours ago (6pm yesterday, right now it is almost 11 am here).

Thank you guys!
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