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Unfortunately, my update is that Roxy passed away on May 9th. This was just a mere month after the above posted videos!

On the evening of May 8th Roxy injured herself, and it was determined that she fractured the neck of the hip and tore her ACL. We didn't see it happen. She was 100% non-weight bearing. Even with a hefty dose of Tramadol on board, she was unable to adjust herself on her bed, and unable to stand up or sit up from a laying position due to the pain. She has an extremely high pain tolerance, and to see that she was unable to cope, and couldn't even in lay in bed without whining, we made the difficult decision to say goodbye to her. It was the only rational option as she was not a candidate for surgery.

On the other hand, even on her last day, she had zoomies in the yard that morning, and had a great day watching us in the bobcat and laying on the deck with the sun shining. I miss her SO much, and I am SO grateful that she shared her life with us for nearly 10 years (we adopted her at 5 1/2).
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