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Hi Hazel, thank you so much! She really doesn't look or act like she's 15.

Thanks for the info. I seem to think that Roxy was on Gaba before. About 4 years ago she went through a really weird phase where she would go hide at the back of the yard (like climb behind bushes which she would normally never do) and shake like a leaf. That's around the same time we started noticing her hips bugging her. We thought maybe there was pain and being the breed she is, she just wasn't showing how much pain she was in. I think she was on Gaba for a bit, but we didn't get any results, so she was switched to Trazodone for anxiety. This stopped the problem in its tracks, and after a few weeks we took her off, and it wasn't a problem again.

I do have some low dose Meloxicam I can give her if she's having a bad day, but I know this is hard on their liver and kidneys, and it doesn't work right away, so I really don't use it. I might look into other options that will work faster. One vet did prescribe her Tramadol when we were trying to figure out that problem with hiding and shaking. I filled the prescription, but I never gave her any. I wasn't convinced she needed an opiate pain killer.

She's had a good week this week, but it's been cold, so she hasn't gone for any walks. The walks really make her sore, but she needs to keep in shape. Maybe I should buy a treadmill and get her walking on days that it's too cold, so it's more consistent. Or maybe it takes a few weeks for the turmeric to build up in the system and start working.

I might try fish oil again, and see if by any luck she's outgrown her fish allergy. I know shellfish is definitely still an issue because for her 14th birthday I bought her a can of Kangaroo dog food and careful scrutinized the limited ingredients in the can, and completely over looked Orange Lip Mussel. She was covered in hives. Happy birthday! Oops.

Wow, the forums have really quieted down these days. I haven't been on here consistently for awhile.
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