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Terrie, thanks for putting a photo up of this vest, and your lovely dog. I've heard of the vests down here in Oz but had never seen one before. I missed a LOT of dog shows back when I was campaigning my first Ch cattle dog simply because she was terrified of thunder, we just stayed home for her sake. Not saying I'd have taken her along if we'd had the vests back then but she could have been a lot happier even here at home in one of them. Thinking about my current dog pack ....hmmm.... no, wouldn't need one now. I started making a big deal of thunder storms back when my boldest sheltie was alive, yelling "Yay! Get after it!' every time Tammy would get excited and start to bark. It became a great game and now even Dundee, scared to start with, is fine. Come to think of it, maybe I helped teach them to BARK? ROFL.
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