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Originally Posted by Dr Lee View Post
I hope that this experience with Buddy does not steer you away from neutering another dog. Buddy's experiences are not typical. These type of complications can occur with cats too. It is important to remember that these complications (prolonged recovery, hematomas, second surgeries,etc.) are not likely and usually do not happen all together. All of these complications do happen with all vets and sometimes in combination - the key is to keep them as rare occurrences.
I agree. I've had many animals neutered and spayed, and complications DO happen periodically, but that's not a reason to not neuter. Younger dogs do do better, so it's best to have them neutered earlier, but we've had older dogs neutered also with absolutely no complications. My mother in law's dog was neutered after she inherited him at about 10 years old and he healed great. I've also known many people who neutered dogs at older ages and they did just fine. Rescues, in fact, often neuter older dogs.
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