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I think it may also look so huge because of how close I tried to get to make sure the pic was clear. And this is where he ripped it open as well, and had to be redone. The swelling is gone, there are no lumps, nor anymore bleeding, I think, because of my total inexperience to having a dog neutured, I may have paniced as well.

I grew up with multiple cats in my life, with an occassional dog, which we never fixed (we had both male and female dogs). We only had our cats fixed, and they are "up and at em" in no time flat. Never had to cone any of them, never had any complications, and this particular vet has fixed about 5 of our cats over the years as well.

As Buddy is now doing really really well, and is walking well, is very happy to see us, and only mopes around when we have to put the cone on him. When the cone is not on, he's playful, as my husband told me tonight, is back to "pooping him out" on their walks... so everything is basically back to normal.

But I do know, that I will never ever every neuter a dog again. They sure do not heal, react as well as a cat does, and need alot more after care then a cat as well. There really is no need for me to neuter any of my pets, as they are never allowed outdoors (dog only on walks or in yard when we are in there too). The cats get fixed only to prevent their marking the house. I do not believe in allowing my cats to go out doors. I rescue them from outdoors and make them indoor cats. I love my furry family members, and to have them suffer in any way, is not acceptable. I am just so happy that Buddy is back to his old self. It was a scary thing for my husband and myself.

But like I've said, I really thank everyone here for their advise and help. I really believe it helped me through it all, and get answers to questions I had. This is really an awesome place, and I am happy I found it.
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