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Originally Posted by Driver View Post
but give her a bone and she is very protect of it - she wont drop it and threatens to be agressive when I try to take it out of her mouth
- she pulls on her leash
- she struggles with the "wait" command ( I do this when putting food down for her)
- she jumps up when greeting (she is quick to calm down though).
I'm not an expert but here are my thoughts on what I pulled out.

Don't give her a bone as right now you are hesitating about taking it away. That's not a criticism but after only 8 days you need to keep working on the other areas before you give her such a high value item and then can't get it back.

Pulls on leash... have you tried a gentle leader?

Jumps when greeting, Jumps when greeting you or other folks? If it is you then as she jumps, turn around so back is to her and your arms are folded over the your chest. Do not pay any attention at all, walk away if possible and keep repeating this until she gets that jumping up means no attention whatsover. If it's with visitors or other family members at a disadvantage then keep a leash on her and give her a correction gently when she goes to jump up and put her in a sit. If she then approaches politely, let her visit and then have her come back to the sit and reward.

The wait command........ if she doesn't wait, she doesn't get the food, you pick it back up and put it away, wait 2 minutes and start again. She will learn quickly that polite approach to food means I get fed, rush it and it's taken away.

There may be others with more experience that wish to comment which would be great. This is just some of the things I do when I have a rescue come in to organize everyone.
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