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Paw pad care

I have a 5yr old Pitbull mix who LOVES playing fetch, usually, to her own detriment. She runs as fast as she can, then skids to the ball, and in doing so, she rips, tears and abrades her paw pads. We take care to check her feet on a regular basis and try to throw the ball shorter distances.We've tried putting Muttluks on her, but the strap rubs her dewclaw against her paw and it gets super raw, anyway. The park near our house is mostly hard, compacted, dirt and we've moved to the grassier areas but she still damages her feet.

I noticed a picture of a dog doing a Frisbee competition and it looked like his Carpal pads were taped with that Self Adhesive gauze stuff, is this something I can do that will actually help? Are there techniques to train a dog to be LESS intense?

She gets daily walks, so the dog park isn't her only source of enjoyment, but she does love fetch a lot, so it'd be a shame if we couldn't do it anymore.

Any help is appreciated!

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