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HE got them confused again, i think..(see CITY story below)

“There is literally a handful of pure-bred pit bulls in Ontario that are used internationally in dog shows,” he responds. “I don't know if we're going to be able to find a way to accommodate those five pit bulls that are involved in dog shows, but we're not going to loosen the definition. The definition is what it is, and pit bulls are banned in the province of Ontario.”

While Bryant agrees he’s willing to work with show runners, he doesn’t believe they merit any special attention. “We looked at whether or not the purebred dogs were safer than those that weren't purebred and we found there were some instances of pit bull attacks involving the purebred dogs,” he points out. “We looked into whether or not there was a danger from the purebred pit bulls and the answer is, yes, they are dangerous.”

(I'm thinking that the handfull of show dogs he is refering to are 5 Pittys, that are competing in Cdn Kennel Club shows in Obedience & Agility contests.
They must be spayed or neutered to do this-CKC rules. PIttys cannot compete in Conformation events as Staffys, & they have no breed classification to do that.)

I'm sure there are lots of Stafforshire Bull Terriers competing as show dogs. Not a handfull!

So once again, he can't keep dog breeds separate in his mind..?
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