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Originally Posted by mastifflover
We need to contact the editors with all links and articles that show his lack of facts in the stuff he is spouting. I just emailed citypulse and said that if anybody will go after the tough stories it is them that is why I sent them a request to go after the whole truth and not just the MB story. I said they need to speak to the THS regarding the petition with 8000 names on it opposing the ban. Hit them with the hard questions and see if they rise to the challenge
i sent cp24 a correction to one of their articles and they corrected it. it was regarding the BSL in Denver, and I pointed out the bill gov owen passed in April (even though denver's fightin' it).

alot of journalists have acutally been debunking him. walkom's written two articles. sheesh even the np had an article debunking him. the only paper that seems to support him fully is the sun.
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