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Originally Posted by breeze View Post
just a thought Rgeurts what about trying to train him to go on the puppy pee pads
it's not the greatest solution but maybe help with the clean up?? He's still young so maybe it could be a good thing??

Thank you Breeze
He's potty trained, he just has no "holding" power when he has diarrhea, he has a loose sphincter (it never fully developed). It hasn't been too bad the last few months, until he got the parasites a couple of months ago. Since then it's been kinda on and off. We did consider getting a few pee pads just for those occasions, but the last time we tried to use them, he ate one
His Pica isn't as bad as it was when he was a pup, but he still has it. We can't even put a mat under his water dish. We had a rubber one a few months ago and he ate a chunk of it so we tried one of the braided rugs and he ate the tassles off it
The stained carpets give me a reason to get rid of them and put down some cork or wood. We just have to wait until the vet bills ease up a bit. Not sure
how much Thorins surgery will be tomorrow, but nothing related to our 2 is ever "cheap" lol.
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