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Originally Posted by Dog Dancer View Post
Shaun is probably better at ignoring him than you and he knows it! When Shadow wants to wake me up she just stands there and stares at me. Like that's really helpful! Oddly it seems to work though - go figure.

Usually, Nookie just staring at me wakes me up, but then I roll over and try to ignore him. Doesn't work for long though lol

Poor Thorin getting poked where it hurts. Shadow oddly used to really like to poop on bushes too. Never understood that one either. She's back right up to one and hit the branches. And she pee's like a boy, always has. Not lately since her legs aren't strong enough now, but people used to laugh at us all the time. She's used to be a star leg lifter!

Poor old girl. She sounds so much like Thorin. He won't poo unless he has something to poo "on". I was walking with a friend of mine once, and I'm so used to him doing that, that I don't even pay attention anymore. He stopped, backed up against a light post, lifted his leg and did his thing right on the pole! She about died laughing
He's given us many laughs

I hope the brown rice works for Nookie. You guys are in my thoughts and prayers. No wonder I don't sleep anymore, too busy praying for everybody and their furries It's worth it.
LOL, DD, I know what you mean!! And from our end, it's most appreciated

Originally Posted by Goldfields View Post
Robyn, Susie had a mast cell tumour removed, along with a mammary tumour, and that gave her YEARS extra, so good luck with Thorin. Your talk of how Nookie wakes you, and lies on you, is why I decided not to let Jarrah have her freedom at night, I don't want to be woken like that. LOL. So, she has a big square crate, covered at night so it's like a den and I never hear a sound out of her. Perkins has an even bigger pen(5'4" square) and his big bed plus two thick sheep fleeces(on top of 3 layers of newspapers) makes it pretty comfortable for the old bones. He loves plucking wool out of his fleeces. (Grrrr!)
GF, I'm praying they are mast cell tumors and not histiocytic sarcoma.
As for the crates, Nookie was crate trained at one point, but then decided he didn't like it. He would stress himself out so bad that he would have a seizure, so both our vets said no more crates for him.
That's one reason we left the last daycare. They had strict instructions not to crate him, but they did and he had a seizure. So we don't have a lot of options. Even though I get very tired, and even a little irritated some days, I can't be mad at him. He makes us laugh

Originally Posted by MaxaLisa View Post
Wishing for the best, and that this is a mast cell tumor that they get with clean margins, and it has a low mitotic figure
Thank you, MaxaLisa. That's what we're hoping and praying for
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