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Originally Posted by Dog Dancer View Post
I guess that makes mine Quadruple that! Prayers that all goes well at the vet today Robyn. Thinking of you and the pups.

I hear you about the bedroom issues. My two sleep in our room too. Shadow has had a few messy mistakes in the last while, but like I said fortunately right now, not messy.

Some nights she's up and down every ten minutes, and of course I hear her moving around and have to check to make sure she's okay. The last couple nights she has been sleeping more on the floor and not moving as much, and then I have to check she's okay there because I'm worried that she's not moving around... I guess it's no wonder I'm tired all the time, you must be also, it's so disruptive to our sleep when we're constantly worried and watching them. But what else can you do? Is your hubs like mine Robyn? He doesn't wake up even when she had the messy runs in the bedroom. Stunk to high heaven, he just snored through it all while I cleaned and mopped and sprayed...

Thinking of you and hoping for a good update.
It's the same in our house. Both have been very restless the last few nights, so every little move they make, I'm up checking. Then when I don't hear them, I, like you, am checking to make sure they're ok lol. Nookie rarely ever lets us sleep past 6-6:30 on the weekends. So on the rare occasion he does sleep in a little, I wake up in a panic and make hubby check

Shaun is wonderful when it comes to the boys. He and I both clean the messes. If he is off the next day, he does it. If I'm off, I do it. If we both work, it's whoever can stand the smell the longest that gets to stay in bed

Nookies visit was good. He gained a pound and a half! So they're thinking he just needs more carbs in his diet.

Thorins visit did not go so well
She thought at first that one was just a fatty tumor and the other just a clogged/infected follicle. She did a fine needle aspiration and said she was very surprised. Instead of seeing that fat, dead cells and inflammation, she saw a lot of live, round and very active cells in both lumps. She that is typically a very good indication of cancer. She said it's possible that they are mast cell tumors, but also could be the dessimated form of the cancer we were doing the chemo for (histiocytic sarcoma). If that's what it is, we don't have long with him. But I'm trying to remain optimistic. He is going in for surgery Monday morning to have them both removed and biopsied. So it's just a waiting game for now.
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