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Thank you so much for all your kindess and support, she actually has been not drinking to much or peeing herself for three days then all of a sudden out of no were saturday she was fine all day then arroung 10pm she kept falling down we thought it was her hips acting up she we cared her in to our bedroom put her on her orthapedic bed and went to sleep.130am we her a big bang she started to act like a fish out of water could not stand would not lay down her head was tilting to the left, we rushed her to the emergency clinic 45 minutes away they told us they thought she had a inner ear infection and it messing with her equilebrium ( hope i spelt it right) long story short $642 dollars later we had to pick her up this morning and bring her to our regular vet who thinks it is something called geriatric vestibular syndrome
wich they only get once and they are done with it in 2-3 days well they have been giving her iv fluids and motion sickness medicine but she has not shown any inprovment yet they told me if there is no improve ment by tuesday night it could more likely be a brian tumor and at age 14 i cant put her threw any more so pray for my little one, you know i cant have kids and these guys are all i have and it just sucks that i cant do more, thank for everything i will let you guys know thanks again
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