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My dog drinks a ton of water and pees when she sleeps

My dog grunt, will be 14 on march 7th, the past 6 months or so she has been gulping down water like it is going out of style, and while she sleep now she has accidents al over the house. We have had her to the vet who says all her blood work comes back normal, except that most of the time she get urinary track infections. They have not given me any reason why she should get these so often and she has ruined a number of expensive beds that we have bought for her and a sofa. The only medicine she is on is called super joint enhancer from 1-800-pet meds and a liquid medicine called Yucca Intensive Yucca Intensive is an outstanding, safe, all natural supplement that is thought to promote symptom relief similar to steroid medications with none of the side effects. Yucca is a purified extract derived from the Yucca plant and has many uses including for the joints, skin, and digestion.Yucca is given internally for joint health and digestion but must be diluted before being administered. This is all to combat her failing hips and arteritis. When we bring her to the vet they prescribe her medicine and we give it as instructed and she is fine for a 1 week or so but right back drinking and peeing what can we do for her please any help appreciated
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