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Unhappy I think that THS is proving animal welfare grps Can't be trusted

to do the right thing.

I don't care what's being said now about Bandit (nor do I trust it either). Vets on staff with THS, long time staffers, & others all came to the conclusion that Bandit could Not be re-habbed. (Are you sure that's why the dog is under wraps, & away from public contact?-He's So sweet & playful?) When these people's opinion's didn't match with what THS Wanted to hear...Out they were put. It's sounds a lot like M.B. to me...

I don't think this dog will ever be trustworthy around children. And offhand, I can't think of a single place that he could spend the rest of his life where there will be Absolutley No Children -Ever.

And it makes us look like hypocrits! Punish the Deed, not the Breed? It looks from here like Nobody ever gets punished for anything, & we can't solve the problem of unsafe dogs by doing unproven 'Re-Hab' & hoping it takes this time.
This was Bandit's second bite on a child. His first serious one,- but it was his 2nd. bite.
I don't even think this is fair to Bandit. What kind of a life is he living? (Off camera, I mean?) Poor dog is just a means to an end. :sad: