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First time WestJet Dog Flier... it was so easy?

I was so worried about flying my 80 pound dog across the country... turns out for NO reason?! Westjet made it so easy and friendly. If your dog and kennel together weights no more than 100 pounds, you can fly them as a piece of "luggage"... that is to say, it costs you about $50 because it's a little overweight... and they took very good care of my dog, Charlie.

I showed up to check in about an hour & a half before our flight, and walked around with Charlie for another 45 minutes before returning to "check" him with the handlers. Security had to examine the inside of his kennel before letting him go, but it was all so simple. I'd even call it "relaxed".

I'd affixed a bag of treats to the top of his kennel, and it was apparent that someone had been treating him along the way? This was his first flight, and his first time in a kennel in 8 years. After his 4 hour flight, (plus wait-times), he emerged looking as happy as ever. (A little thirsty).

I'm so pleased with WestJet for this. I joined this forum just so I could let other would-be dog fliers know that it's not the horrible ordeal that you think it might be. My first flight has left me smiling and very relieved.
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