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Originally Posted by totallyhip View Post
She was a dominant dog in the beginning but by the end of the BB training she turned into a very aggressive dog. I even knew more than the BB trainer who came out.
I have Bark Busters. My experience is good. Yes I did pay more but it is for life and they allowed spread out payments with no interest.

You say you knew more than the BB trainer. I think it really matters which BB trainer you get. I think that could apply even to private or smaller trainers.

I bet if the guy did something wrong it was his fault. He might have tried to dominate the dog himself on the first or second visit. Whereas he should have assisted the owner to take dominance. It also makes a difference how quickly you change over to the new system. You have to introduce it to them but not go overboard.

And it was mentioned above, yeah we throw the pouches at our feet, not at the dog. I rarely throw mine anymore. Standing tall is level 1 and it works most of the time. I bah daily but seldom throw the pouches.

The system is pretty much designed to show the dog the difference between doing something ok and doing something not ok. If you follow the rules, your dog isn't confused by your actions or tone.

Although the first thing he talked about was the food and how it is 75% of the problem. You can lose "points" just by feeding the dog crap, and the dog not "respecting" you just because it isn't getting enough protein and too much crap.

I noticed a big difference with just the new food.

I don't believe it is the only way but I do think it is a great way and it helps keep your pet happy and lower ranked.