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sockenwolle, I can totally relate to what you're going through, it can be really discouraging. Kudos to you for adopting her in the first place and getting this far. First thing you need to accept is that changing behavior like this will take time and patience, lots of it. You will experience set backs and they will be discouraging, but it's not a lost cause. You're not only fighting a bad habit, you're fighting a well established bad habit.

As for barkbusters themselves, they are a franchise. I wouldn't recommend them for anything other then teaching a good dog basic obedience. Any Joe Shmoe off the street can pay them their franchise fee, go through a quick course, and voila! becomes an instant barkbusters trainer.

Regarding the statement above by Dekka,"It 'works' in the beggining. The behaviours are suppressed (not trained, just suppressed) THen the dog reverts. BB is called back out.. repeatedly. Problem is not fixed and BB starts to not return phone calls..." to me that sounds more like a case of the dog owner not following the trainers instructions properly and reverting to THEIR own bad habits which in turn negates what the dog just learned from the training session. 99% of the dog's problem is the person at the other end of the leash. The good trainers are the ones that can teach the handler and have those lessons stick, the dogs are usually the easy part.