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Hazel, I'm sorry I'm so late to this! And I haven't read every single post, so sorry if this has already been mentioned!

I've had Vista for two years now. I HATED it at first and had many fits with tears over it too. Now I'm used to it though and don't mind it. A few things, let me know if you're in interested.

--There's a way to "Neuter" Vista so many of the "pretty," but memory sucking functions are turned off and it's back to more of a basic OS again.

--To run anything as an Administrator, right click on the icon and chose, "Run as Administrator."

--Directions for exporting and importing mail from Outlook to Windows Mail:

--This Vista forum was and still is VERY helpful for me!

--Firefox runs much faster than IE on Vista. You may want to install Firefox and use it for everything but your newsletters. It makes everyday browsing much easier.
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