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Talking Finally

Originally Posted by marko View Post
I have to ask, has this dog received any obedience training and were you an active participant in the training?
He is starting agility classes and I have taught him quite allot. I had not been aware of this breed but we are attached and that is that. I am working with an dog behaviourial specialist. I have been doing everything correctly he is by no means bored. I dislike all these remarks saying that I never reply when in fact I do. This breed is high maintenance had I known I would have not purchased him. He is a loving member of our family meaning his adopted brother Harley. Moses is going to outshine all the other dogs in his classes because mommy has taught him how to jump over items and he loves to run. To comment on someone's post this breed absololutely may not be neutered until at least 10 months of age that is the earliest. There were studies done and if I should do that before then he is going to develop hip dysplasia. thank you Marko

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