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Can dogs infact SEE something ??????

My dog recently started this Flybiting and just like most owners I was worried he had a problem. I searched tlhe net like most and found alsorts of reason for it most of which where very worrying.

Anyway 1 day he was sitting in a small shaft of sun light coming through the part opened curtains and I noticed he started this Flybiting BUT it was then I noticed something. Has anyone ever noticed the very very small specks of dust floating about in the air which only show up as they catch the sunlight in shafts of light?

Well as I was watching him I noticed he was following these specks of dust and trying to catch them. I thought no it can't be that so I got my wife in to watch him WITHOUT telling her what I thought or noticed. Then she noticed it too he was without doubt he was trying to catch these specks of dust.

The question is how does he see them without any sunlight because I can't see a thing no matter how hard I try but his actions are totally the same.

So is this really what these dogs are really doing? Well I for one I'm convinced it is. I tried to video it but theirs no chance an camera will pick up these little specks so the only way for anyone to see this is to try it for yourself.

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