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Well, I took a stool sample in to the vet today. They did the tests and they all came back fine. He doesn't have any parasites. The vet echoed the pumpkin suggestion, so I put pumpkin in his dinner tonight. About an hour after he ate, he had to go to the bathroom (as usual) and his stool was still somewhat loose. I kept on an eye him to see if it had any effect. It was firm at first and then towards the end it was loose. Then he went out about 15 minutes after that and went to the bathroom again and it was loose. And I let him out a few minutes ago and it was the same. But, I imagine that could be from what he ate earlier in the day, which didn't have pumpkin in it. I assume that it'll take more than just one meal with pumpkin to see improvement?

His activity level after eating is very minimal as I feed him in his crate and keep him in for a little bit afterward to digest. I was told that this is a good way to handle it as it will help him digest better and also further his liking for the crate if he associates it with good things like eating.

I talked to one of the vet's assistants and she suggested the pumpkin as well and said that if it doesn't help to then try a bland diet of chicken and rice. Later on, I got another call from a different assistant who was just calling to make sure I got the message about the testing and she said that the pumpkin is a good idea to try, but that the bland diet isn't a good idea at his age and that it would be a better idea to try a supplement that can be put in his food to help him digest better.


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