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Originally Posted by amber083 View Post
...diagnosed with multilobular tumor of the bone...The histology report mentions that this type of tumor is "Curable" with removal of parts of the skull that are affected. The removed skull will be replaced with a wire-mesh to protect the brain I have been looking everywhere for information on this type of surgery and cannot find anything...
This is not a typical case. I do not know that you are necessarily going to find a lot of reliable literature that is going to be relevant to your pet's case. I recommend that you contact a University or specialty hospital and consult with a veterinary surgical specialist.

A good note: the writers of the histology report are NOT going to print something that is inaccurate. They can be help liable for printing accurate medical information. Also in human medicine, placing wire-mesh plates to replace skull openings is not uncommon and works well.

Based upon what you have written, I would strongly recommend that you pursue this with a specialist. There may be some good options for your pet. I would not wait for a long period of time however. Best of luck. Please keep us updated.
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