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Multilobular tumor of the bone, Canine

I have a 3 year old Border Collie Cross, Buddy, who has just been diagnosed with multilobular tumor of the bone. He presented with a tumor on the top of his skull, taking approximately 7 months to grow. I brought him in to the vet and he has since had the tumor removed. The vet is quite certain that this tumor will grow back, as it has a high recurrence rate. The histology report mentions that this type of tumor is "Curable" with removal of parts of the skull that are affected. The removed skull will be replaced with a wire-mesh to protect the brain I have been looking everywhere for information on this type of surgery and cannot find anything. I would like to know if this surgery would allow my little boy to have a NORMAL puppy life, what the surgery entails, what possible complications are etc- I love my guy so much I want to do what is best for HIM! I have another dog and the two love to run, play and roughhouse together... I would like to know if they would still be able to do this....

If anyone has any type of information on this surgery I would be so grateful...I would like to know what my options are so that I can quiet my mind...

Thank you!
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