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introducings cats and dogs

Hi everyone. I've been searching everywhere and I'm not coming up with any answers. I'm hoping somebody here can help.
In about a month I'll be moving to a new house with my two female dogs, my fiance and his two cats. One female and one male. It'll be a new environment for everyone. The male cat has a history of spraying when other cats have been around and I'm wondering if the same thing holds true for when other dogs are around. Do male cats tend to spray with new dogs as well or is their main concern other cats? We have no idea what the best way is to introduce the cats to the dogs without the cats spraying or the dogs attacking the cats. The dogs will have their own room at the new house and the cats will have run of the house, except the dogs room. I know they will be able to smell each other through the door. What else can we do? Should the dogs be at the house first so that the cats don't think it's their territory. Or should the cats be there first? Any help would be so much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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