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Originally Posted by marko View Post
Might check out that book BD.

It's definitely a tough call to make - The OR (Operating room) would be out of the question to my mind for obvious sterility issues.

But if he had this dog because of an issue or disability as he does...I think they should allow dogs in. If they allow guide-dogs in the ER then they definitely should allow PTSD dogs.

BUT. What constitutes a PTSD dog, this is not well outlined in the article. I'm be really curious on that one actually. I mean I have fairly good faith that certified guide dogs don't get out of line too often. - but I don't know what agency governs PTSD dogs.

That said, imo if these dogs are known to be safe and this Veteran was given one to treat an illness - then he should be given some respect for goodness sake. And he should probably sue the hospital or make a big deal about this. For his sake and for other people. As far as I know PTSD is a recognized and debilitating disorder and the hospital should show some compassion. And this Veteran has rights, and likely a lot of dog loving people who support him.

One of the problem of having a service dog for
disability that can't been seen made it hard for people think a person really needs their dog. I met a guy that was exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam war . The guy would black out with no warning and his dog was trained to let the guy know this was about to happen . The guy looked like a picture of health so people did not think he needed to have his dog with at all time. P. I can't believe that ER would not let the vet have his dog with him . I would think of all places a hospital would understand more about PTSD and how a PTSD dog help their owner. If you can you should read the book , I found it very interesting. My hearing dog was certified , people would come up to me in a store and say " My dog is better behave than a lot of kids in the store."

This is a utube of the vet and dog in the book 'Until Tuesday. ' Tuesday is the dog name.
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