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Originally Posted by ownedbycats View Post
You know she's coming to trust you when you can do things that annoy her, and she'll just sit there, sure that while you are annoying, you won't hurt her.
I think it goes both ways, she lets me know when she has had enough and I put up with her crazy antics. Sometimes when I want to cuddle her, she just wants to be off running around, but she will tolerate me picking her up and hugging her.

In turn, I let her do what she wants. Like using my arm as a body pillow when we are sleeping, or my lap as her cushion when I am trying to have dinner.

She has it pretty good I think. I clean her litter box on command and will hand feed her on occasion. My friends already joke with me that they won't cat sit for me if I am ever out of town.
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