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Originally Posted by Canuck00 View Post
From the very get go, we have been raising a very smart little Purebred Bichon Frise. House breaking went very well, obedience is good. Even several tricks now. But lately we have been dealing with a bad problem and I'm conflicted, and seeking advice. You see, he is just over a year old now, and not fixed. I don't wish to have him fixed. To go outside to do his business, we open the back door and let him run, and keep a sharp eye on him without leashing him down (we have an open driveway). He goes on command "go for run", in which he runs out and pees (or #2), looks back and we will say come in. But lately he "goes for run", and pauses to look down the drive way to see if something interests him. On a few occasions lately, he will go for a run and bolt down the driveway and fails to respond to "down". I will use "bad dog" with a harsh finger wagging on very rare occasions to cease a particularily bad action. If it is really bad, like a run away, I will retrieve him with a "bad dog", finger wag (which he hates), and cage him for an hour. The run away will happen 1 time out of 50 when he gets let out for "go for run". Maybe once a week.

Yesterday, his own mind took control, we went down the driveway and I was hot on his trail, "DOWN!!", "BAD DOG". He responded to nothing. He saw someone else walking her dog, and bolted for her. He went deaf to me. And of course, a car comes barreling down the street as he runs across and misses him by inches. He put on the brakes before running into the tires, and then ran to the person. I got there, he ran away from me back to the house, where I followed up with "Bad dog!" finger wag and caged for an hour. So he almost was killed, so it's obvious I am at fault here. But I don't know how to correct this, short of giving up and leashing him in the yard when it's time to go out. But I want him to have the freedom to roam, within in his boundaries.

I have a PetSafe shock collar fencing system, but have not actually had the heart to go througth with it. I can't help but think it's something I am doing wrong. Further, I am not convinced the caging for an hour is actually effective, is he even understanding that being in the cage is a punishment? How can I deliver an effective message that I am displeased with that action of running away, becuase once he finally hears me, stops, and goes "down" he is actually doing what I am saying, (eventually), so if I confuse him with a "bad dog", when in fact he did exactly what I said? He already forgotten the running away part was the part I am displeased with. It's like a chicken and the egg.

Any other sets of eyes out there to point out my error?


Ok, I'm not a dog genius but even I know what is going on! And your right it is your fault!

You have a male dog 1 years old, not neutered and your letting him off leash. He sees or smells a female across the road and "his mind" took control? Um nope! It wasn't his mind that took control!! It was his hormones and instinct to mate!

He almost gets killed by a car because YOU don't want him to get fixed? Well how much would u like to bury a 1 year old Bichon Frise instead because he got killed by a car?

And don't think that one of those petshock collar thingies is going to stop a unfixed male dog that smells a female in heat cause it won't!

With all the Bichon Frises on Petfinder looking for homes and dying if they don't find one, I would say neuter your dog and if u want another Bichon Frise get one from a rescue or shelter and save a life!
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