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Thank you all for your thoughtful replies. I remain very confused by what is going on but Pat and I are both prepared to do what we have to do as long as we and the dogs are not targeted.

I am hopeful that my dog groomer is right and that he is actually more kitten than 3ish and that they just have to do this. There was peace for the first week or so so I am hopeful we can get back to that. There was about 45 mins this a.m. where they were all sleeping in the livingroom without incident so that is a good sign.

I hate that he could be so mad/jealous that he was put in isolation while he was sick :sad: He was sooooooo sick. One of my colleagues actually suggested I get prepared to have him pts because it could get too costly Never an option...I do love him very much and hope that he will be able to be part of the whole family at some point. If not, well, we will always have a "peace room" and they will alternate their time there.

In the morning I will try again to stomach a full blown incident and see what you all have to say about it.

Thanks again for holding my hand through this...dogs are soooooooo much easier
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