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Some questions: Who came frist Ziggy or Zuzu? How old are they? Did you have them from the time they were kittens?, and if so, how old were they when you got them? Has Ziggy always attacked Zuzu or is this something new. Do you have other cats, and if so is Ziggy attacking them too or is it only Zuzu. Notice you have other pets, so did this start after more pets added? Since it doesn't seem that a lack of attention is causing the attacks, since Ziggy does it when you go downstairs, it does seem that he hates her for some reason or other. Unless you can figure how why he wants to attack Zuzu, best solution is to keep them separate. Switch them around half the day to another room or alternate every other day. You need to keep them separated for your peace of mind and composure. There's nothing more upsetting than a real cat fight going on day after day.
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