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Exclamation Bully wont stop drinking!

What to do? Bully wont stop drinking, he's been like that since i got him at 7 weeks and now 8 months.

If he finds a puddle/toilet/container/bowl/lake of water he runs to it and drinks drinks drinks! I tell him "NO!" but he just wont listen to me when theres water arround. He drinks so much that he gets all "fat". I give him his normal 3 bowls of water a day wich should be plenty! He drinks FAST!

It gets to the point that when he goes outside, he's to focus on drinking that he forgets to do his thing.

He eats fine (when he wants), plays fine, doesnt look sick at all...

So i have a dog that wont stop drinking and that poops and pees in the house... He was house trained, but now im not sure i could say he is anymore.

Ive done a bit of research on it, and all i can think of is Kidney failure but he's not showing all the signs, and i dont think that at 6-7 weeks he had it... Or maybe im wrong and they can have it that young. I dont know what to do... Any sugestions? I know i will have to bring him to the vet, but i want your opinions first. Thanks
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