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Originally Posted by mikischo View Post
Abe, that is wonderful that your friend is able to keep her after all, since your taking her back would only have been a temporary situation and you would have been faced with the prospect of giving her up a second time. It is only because you did such a good job of socializing her to human contact that she was able to so easily put her trust in another human being, so please don't view that as in any way a rejection of you. Because he is a close friend you will be able to still see Kiko from time to time and also ensure that your friend remembers to keep his agreement to spay, vaccinate, and deworm her on a timely basis.

It is great that your neighbour will be getting a dog. This will be a wonderful experience for you. I know you would like to have your own dog in the future when your circumstances allow it so this is also a great opportunity for you to become better acquainted with dogs and will help prepare you for the time that you will be able to have a dog of your own. Please keep us updated.

it really will, im exceedingly looking forward to it.

thanks a lot Colleen, you (and everyone else) have been wonderful!
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