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New Dog owner with questions

Hi there, we are the proud owners of a new dog. Well 1 month now. He is a 8 month old Male Yorkie and we love him. However we didn't realize the work involved, but he means too much to the family now and we're willing to fix things to make us happier.

First thing is in regards to his trainings, so much conflicting advise we've recieved. How ever crate training we feel went well. He complains when he's ready and holds it over night until we take him outside, or in bad weather he goes on the pee pad (with the exception of pooping which he does right beside the pad).

However the major concern is his Separation Anxiety. We leave in our big upper floor tiled bathroom with his crate (so he feels more secure), toys, water etc. However he does poop all over the place when we do leave. When we get home, he just goes crazy and runs around all over the house but calms down after.

Then there are the other area's we struggle with, He jumps on people when he see's them. He never bites or barks though just overly excited to see people and he loves our 2 kids, but gets very excited with them. Secondly is he does chew or tries to chew at a lot of things that are not his toys or crumbs. We keep him leashed though as we heard it's the right thing to calm him down. However we don't feel it's right and can't get the right answer, we'd love for him to be free and walk around the house with out destroying things.

Last is walking him. When on his leash, he is a very aggressive puller and no idea how to control it. A few times he has even ran off playing games for us to catch him when the leash accidently slips (we are more cautious now). The good thing thoughis he enjoys the backyard. Plays perfectly in the back yard without a leash.

After all of this though we'd like some assistance in his training, but too many choices in Brampton.

What is everyones views on the places for the training we require?
1. Petsmart (I don't trust them)
2. Brampton Obedience school
3. Bark Busters
4. Twopawsabove (currently has 50% off a 10 week program $300)

Also he is not fixed yet. Would you recommend him being neutered before his training?

Thanks again,
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