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Seperation Anxiety

Hi all, I am new to this site and hope maybe some of you have some advice. I have an 11 month old Male Cane Corso, which is an Italian Mastiff. He was flown here from Europe when he was 11 weeks old. I got him in Nov. 2007. He is a great dog and has always been a very laid back puppy but he hates being alone. We noticed about a week after we got him that he escaped from his crate which I returned and got a vari-kennel instead, he also broke the gate right off it. Well to make a long story short I had put him in a kennel this past weekend and he completely rubbed his nose raw. i dont even know why I left him cause I just felt sick to my stomach worrying about him. I have not been seperated from this dog since Nov. When I go out for under an hour I leave him a meat bone and he does ok but any longer than that and he will scratch at the garage door cause he thinks that he can get to us. I have tried phermones, kongs filled with peanut butter. Any info you can give, books or advice would be great cause I do not want to have to put him on anxiety drugs. My dog is just not happy unless he can see you. I did forgot to mention that he has not chewed anything in the house only scratched at the frame around the door so I had to wash white pay prints that were all over the house. He also whines and barks. I don't even try the kennel as I am afraid that he will hurt himself.
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