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From OP, what the ear twitching turned out to be was not seizure related per se but a result of hemangiosarcoma cancer of the spleen somehow affecting her brain/impulses.etc.

Upon dog being groomed the vet found some abnormal bulging of dog on side and underbelly. After a few scans by a 2 vets it was determined the dreaded Hemangiosarcoma. No cure. Expensive surgery and you owe will get perhaps 2 additional months with dog. The vet put her on prednisone and a chinese herb I read about. This allowed me to have another very good month with her until it was that time. No need to reply but perhaps if you notice your dog being lethargic, belly becoming more and more bloated, loss of appetite and you/vet cannot find a reason, perhaps get a CT scan or ultrasound of abdomen area and see if there is a mass. The twitching was just a side effect.

Again no need to reply. Shed enough tears over this.

Take care ,

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