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DD, it's only good seasons that allow me to grow anything here. You should have seen it during our 13 years of drought. I wanted a pretty, as in colorful garden after that. I don't recall the names of everything, though roses are easy, as distinctive as my individual dogs. However I am wracking my brains - no, the name came to me as I typed that , for a blue flowered plant, I am finally having success in getting a Plumbago growing. Your bees would have lots of competition here, there are wild bees in the forest opposite us.
Silkie is as good as she could be at just a month short of turning 14. Her tooth abcess settled down with antibiotics but her major problem is her poor little legs, she'd gone down onto her hocks, as did her mother before her. I always said that if she did she is too fine to have support casts and I would have to put her down, BUT instead I make it easier for her by carrying her outside, putting her on the soft grass, then carrying her back in later. She will let me know when it's all too much for her. Her appetite is still good.
I am off to a show with my friend and one of her mini ponies tomorrow, then doing Obedience on Sunday, so hopefully while I am preoccupied my garden will decide Spring is here and produce more lovely blooms. Today we have a surprise in the first photo, Scilla natalensis, which I didn't know I had, must have arrived in some Spanish bluebell bulbs many years ago. Dutch iris next, then up close with a Foxglove.
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