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Another update!

We are suppose to be picking up an approx. 8-10 week old calico girl later today once my hubby gets done work.

Don't worry I'll take pics!

I'm a little worried though.. as I have nowhere to seperate her from my pack. She is vet checked and is healthy.. no infectious diseases. But I usually seperate the newcomer for a week or so. The rec-room is all open other than my bedroom which is tiny.. expecially with 2 Saint bernards taking up the floor. LOL I can't shut Bubba and Lola out of the bedroom to make room for kitty without them whining all night long.

I could put her in the bathroom upstairs but then she would be getting used to the smell of the upstairs kitties, Louie and Demon instead of Gibson and Lucy. I'm more worried about Gibson bothering her. He's not aggressive per say to new cats just more of a pain in the rear end. Following them around.. pounce, swat and run kind of behaviour with the odd hiss. Gibson is still very kitten-ish himself which might account for alot of his behaviour. But he's the reason why I wanted 2 kittens... to divert his attention. LOL

Hubby just wants to try them together.. supervised of course and worry about seperating them if we need to. I'm the one stressing about it.
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